The start of Bojazz Productions
Jasmine: Born December 1996  Passed June 27th 2003
She was the second half of Bojazz Productions. Her sneezing and restlessness will be missed.
Spuds: Born April 1987 Passed April 25th 1997
It all started with the first cat named Spuds. Now; I was never a cat person, but Spuds acted like a dog. He stayed by me when I was building my models and constantly looking at the parts (I had a feeling he wanted to eat them).

After a long and great life Spuds had  passed. I thought about getting another cat, but the Veterinarian tech talk me into 2 cats. With much thought, I took them up on there offer. The best part of this, the cats had names.

Well; you guessed it the male cat was named Beau (always rhymed with NO). So he answer to Beau and NO. The female cat was named Jasmine (we called her Jazz for short). So we combined both of the names and created Bojazz Productions.

As time marched on, so did Beau and Jasmine. This model production company is in memory of these cats. Since then we have never forgotten them. 
Beau: Born December 1996 Passed January 2009
He was the first half of Bojazz Productions. His ability to defy me and everything else (the word NO) stills puzzles me. He actually acted like a dog.